Altro Factory Tour

In a bid to strengthen our already excellent relationship with one of our major suppliers, both Eddie and Stuart spent a couple of days visiting the office and manufacturing plant of Altro, a major supplier of building materials for flooring and walls.

During this visit they were able to meet with a number of the key people in the sales, product development, marketing, production and management departments. They were also able to see up close exactly how the vinyl we install so much of is manufactured.

During a meeting with some of the senior management of the company, including CEO Richard Kahn, they were able to give them further understanding of how their products work in with our business and what more they can do for us. Very much watch this space for GTFSL and hopefully some exciting developments we can offer our clients in the future.

We would like to thank the company and everyone they met for their excellent hospitality and in particular John McGhee who was a perfect host, even going as far as buying the beers at the airport which goes against his reputation as the tightest sales representative in Scotland.


About the Author John

I started in the industry at 18 years old as a trainee estimator for a national flooring company and stayed for twenty years moving on to various roles before joining the board of directors. I joined GTFSL in June 2014 as a shareholder and managing director.

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