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May 2016


  • F.Ball Stopgap 300 screed
  • Forbo Eternal vinyl
  • Forbo Sarlon vinyl
  • Forbo Nuway Tuftiguard matting
  • Forbo Coral Welcome barrier matting

General & Technical are very proud to have successfully completed the refurbishment of the flooring in the main entrance of the Children’s Hospital at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The finished project, managed on site by Build Right, creates a welcoming prospect for the families visiting the building.

The involvement of General & Technical was sought by Euan Buchan of Tinto Architecture who explained that the existing cold clinical décor of the area was at times a deterrent for families attending the hospital.

The aim of Tinto Architecture and the ARCHIE Foundation was to turn the waiting area into a space that felt welcoming to children and their families resulting in a relaxing and positive environment. Working with Forbo Flooring Systems, we were able to suggest products that would create a bright and colourful colour palette while also retaining the technical aspects that is essential in a hospital environment.

To add to the challenge, we were tasked with undertaking flooring works with a small one week time frame, involving numerous trades. This became an immense undertaking, with the floor preparation taking four days and nearly half the programme to complete. The existing ceramic tiles were cleaned, primed and smoothed, with some areas being raised to suit the building requirements. With a lot of intricate and challenging design work in the floor, it was an arduous task accomplishing the finished outcome in time.

Thanks to our site team of Scott Willox, Mike Watson, Sandy Smith and Liam Archibald, managed to meet all deadlines with long hours and dedication. We are extremely proud of the finished result!

Additional photographs: ARCHIE Foundation – Tinto Architecture – Forbo Flooring – F.Ball –


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