General & Technical Flooring Service Ltd - Carpet Recycling

ReStart® - Carpet Tile Recycling

Recognizing the shared responsibility for maximizing material efficiency is crucial in today’s sustainability-driven landscape. Championing the highest standards in recycling and environmentally friendly practices further underscores our commitment to this collective effort.

In working with Tarketts ReStart® scheme, this ethos becomes tangible as we actively acknowledge and embrace the entire life cycle of the materials we work with.

As we navigate the intricate journey of materials, there comes a point where their usability concludes and we take advantage of Tarketts recycling program, ReStart®. This visionary initiative allows for the recycling of separated yarn and backing components at Tarkett’s state-of-the-art carpet recycling centre in the Netherlands.

Nylon 6 carpet tiles are sent to a Carpet Recycling Centre in Waalwijk, where the yarn is separated from the backing. The yarn is processed, then sent to Aquafil for regenerating into 100% recycled Econyl®. Any DESSO Ecobase backing will be recycled into new Ecobase. Also, Bitumen backing is used as a high calorific fuel in the cement industry.

Within the span of 2022 and 2023, General & Technical Flooring Services Ltd has successfully recycling of over 30 tonnes of carpet through Tarkett’s ReStart® program.

This accomplishment underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility and signifies a substantial contribution towards creating a circular economy where materials are repurposed and reintegrated into the production cycle.

Climate Impact for Recyling Carpet Tiles

  • CO2 Savings – Carpet Tiles with Desso Ecobase and PA6 Yarn = 10kg CO2eq/sqm
  • CO2 Savings – Carpet Tiles with Bitumen backing and PA6 Yarn = 6kg CO2eq/sqm

Non-recyclable carpet tiles are sent to UK partners for Re-Use or re-processing for use as equestrian surfaces.

As we continue to champion these initiatives, we exemplify the collective effort needed to propel us towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.