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Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of our trade and within the broader construction industry. With a heightened focus on environmentally friendly practices, we actively seek out greener products where possible, work towards minimizing waste sent to landfills, and strive to reduce our overall carbon footprint. This dedication is exemplified in our approach to providing sustainable commercial flooring solutions, where we integrate eco-conscious materials and practices to contribute positively to our planet’s well-being.

Waste Reduction

To date, we have focused on waste reduction, looking for ways of recycling old materials and packaging. Through partnering up with our supply chain we have managed to send back tens of thousands of square meters of carpet tiles and hundreds of adhesive/latex drums.

Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK)

Wherever possible we work with companies such as Milliken to ensure that carpet tiles are returned for recycling capture its full value. In 2008 Milliken became a founder member of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK).

They now work with CRUK partners and other organisations across Europe to refurbish returned carpet tiles for use in voluntary sector organisations, small businesses and schools. In other cases, carpet is downcycled into construction products and plastic composites. Another option, to further reduce global fossil fuel consumption, is to convert the carpet into a fuel source for use in other industries.

Tarkett ReStart - Carpet Tile Recycling

We recognise the shared responsibility for maximizing material efficiency is crucial in today’s sustainability-driven landscape.

Aiming for the highest standards in recycling and environmentally friendly practices and working with Tarketts ReStart scheme, we actively acknowledge and embrace the entire life cycle of the materials we work with.

Through-out 2022 and 2023, General & Technical Flooring Services Ltd has successfully recycling of over 30 tonnes of carpet through Tarkett’s ReStart program.

Non-recyclable carpet tiles are sent to UK partners for Re-Use or re-processing for use as equestrian surfaces.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is also an area where we have started to place more focus, and we have supported a number of local charities or groups both financially and with free issue materials. Organisations we have supported include:

Aberdeen FC Heritage Trust

We continue to support this organisation at different events in the North East helping to raise awareness of the charity.

Aberdeen Lads Club

We are proud to have sponsored ALC’s second kit for seasons 22/23 and 23/24.


We donated labour and material to the organisations new facility.

CLAN Cancer Support

An organisation we proudly raised funds for in our 25th year anniversary celebration events.

Friends of Anchor

We have supported this organisation’s charity gala golf event for two years now.

Man Up Speak Up

We donated funds to help this organisation’s aim of helping men with mental health issues while also creating a wonderful facility on the riverbank near to our offices.

MND Scotland

We have donated a number of times to this organisation through sponsorship and supporting awareness events.


We continue to support the VSA through different events, having been the host sponsor for the Changing Lives Ball on five occasions now.

Sustainable Workforce

We are also always looking to add the next generation to the industry, and we offer a number of apprenticeships to support this. Currently, we have two apprentices at various stages of their four–year development, and three recently gradated apprentices, which is a big number for an SME of our size.

We believe that the benefits of taking these individuals through their apprenticeship far outweighs the cost, especially given the reduced number both of professionals and of job opportunities at present. It’s important to us that we work together to secure the future of our industry.

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