Our work

Kincorth Community Centre

  • Client: KW Contracts
  • End User: Sport Aberdeen
  • Location: 2022
  • Date: Aberdeen
  • Sector: Hospitality & Leisure
  • Services: Preparation, Supply, Installation

Project overview

This sports hall upgrade involved the team installing a state-of-the-art Gerflor sports floor system to create a safer space and provide a versatile floor that could support a range of different sports for the local community.  

Our Approach

Working with the KW Construction project team, the first stage was to remove the existing old parquet hardwood floor, this was carefully stripped out, to be retained for future use.  

For the installation, we carried out a level survey to understand the height of the cradles, which were then installed at predetermined centres with battens on top and packers to ensure a completely level floor. Plywood was laid on top and this was then overlaid with the Gerflor Taraflex Evolution sports vinyl. 


Why Gerflor Sport Floor System?

There were a number of advantages of opting the Gerflor sports floor system for this project. Its outstanding durability means it will withstand heavy use for many years, while the sprung timber base provides excellent shock absorption, reducing risk of injuries.

The system’s performance-enhancing features, such as Taraflex sports vinyl surface with excellent grip, make it ideal for sports like basketball or badminton. Along with easy maintenance and great aesthetic options, the ultimate emphasis is on safety. The shock-absorbing spring timber base makes it an excellent choice for sports facilities. 

The Result

Upgrading to a Gerflor sports floor system significantly improved the sports hall’s performance, safety, and aesthetics. The transformation has created a more appealing and functional space for the community to engage in a diverse range of sports and activities.