Our work


Finnies, a renowned family-owned jeweller in Aberdeen, sought to refurbish and extend their existing store to create a more elegant and sophisticated space.

  • Client: SJS
  • End User: Finnies the Jeweller
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Year: 2023
  • Sector: Retail
  • Services: Uplift & Disposal/Recycle, Preparation, Supply, Install
  • Products Used: Carpet LVT Matting, Sylka carpets - 500m2
Finnies the Jewellers

Project overview

General & Technical Flooring initially engaged with the project to install a standard broadloom carpet in the extension. However, as the project evolved, our involvement expanded to encompass a comprehensive renovation, including the installation of carpet on the entire ground floor, along with finishing touches on the basement and first floor.

Our approach

The most formidable challenge faced by the project was the need to replace the existing store’s flooring while ensuring uninterrupted business operations. General & Technical Flooring addressed this challenge through meticulous planning and a dedicated team of six skilled fitters. To minimize disruption, the team executed a round-the-clock schedule, working diligently from 5 PM on Saturdays through late Sunday nights over consecutive weekends. This intricate scheduling allowed the team to complete the installation without any downtime for the business.

Achievements & Transformations

The project resulted in a significant expansion of Finnies’ retail space. However, the impact extended beyond square footage. The overall ambiance and aesthetic of the store were utterly transformed, exuding an air of opulence and sophistication that aligned seamlessly with Finnies’ high-end image. The work has transformed the shop and contributed to the luxurious atmosphere, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

It was a pleasure working with a contractor that was as pro-active, adaptable and reliable as yourselves. In an industry where it is more often the opposite both ourselves and yourselves worked together as we both understood the urgency and necessity to provide Finnies with the best possible service.

Brian Drake - SJS Ops Director

Customer Response and Future Outlook:

The newly revamped Finnies store has garnered an outpouring of positive feedback from its loyal customer base. Long-standing patrons of this Aberdeen institution have been quick to appreciate and commend the refined and polished ambiance that now graces the store. As Finnies continues its journey in the world of luxury retail, General & Technical Flooring wishes them continued success and prosperity.

What has been achieved over Saturday evening and today and the way your team have gone about their work is a real credit to you and GTFSL.

William Blake - Finnies

The Result

The collaboration between Finnies, SJS and General & Technical Flooring exemplifies the successful execution of a comprehensive renovation project that not only met but exceeded expectations. The transformation of the store’s interior, accomplished with meticulous planning and dedicated execution, underscores the impact of exceptional service and design in elevating a brand’s identity and customer experience.