Our work

Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

This project involved the refurbishment of flooring for the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, including its main entrance and reception area.  

  • Client: Tinto Architecture & ARCHIE Foundation
  • End User Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Date: 2016
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Service: Refurbishment

Project overview

We were first asked to be involved by Euan Buchan of Tinto Architecture who explained that the existing look of the area was sometimes a barrier for families attending the hospital with the negative psychology associated with a cold clinical décor.  

The aim by Tinto and ARCHIE foundation was to turn this area in to a more welcoming and vibrant entrance, that didn’t scare off the children. We were also tasked with undertaking the flooring works in only a week and with numerous trades in attendance. This was tricky, especially with the floor preparation which ran in to four days and nearly half the programme.  

Working with Forbo we were able to suggest products that would help with the bright and colourful palette while also retaining the technical aspects that are essential in a hospital environment. 

The existing ceramic tiles required to be cleaned, primed and then smoothed with suitable products and some areas back filled to take them up to a suitable level.  We invited one of our key suppliers, F.Ball, to visit the works beforehand and between us we were able to come up with a suitable specification based on drying times, speed and of course cost. 

The Result

With a lot of intricate and challenging design work, it was going to be a tall order getting this completed on time. Our team delivered as promised, although there were some long hours required.   The finished project, managed on site by Build Right, looks stunning and a far more welcoming prospect for the families having to visit this building.  

It’s a project we’re very proud of. 

Products used

  • F.Ball Stopgap 300 screed 
  • Forbo Eternal vinyl  
  • Forbo Sarlon vinyl 
  • Forbo Nuway Tuftiguard matting 
  • Forbo Coral Welcome barrier matting