Commercial Carpets & Textile Flooring

We can supply office carpets and commercial carpets in a wide range of textures and patterns to suit your business needs.

Office carpets and commercial carpet tiles offer many benefits within commercial interiors, including sound absorption, underfoot comfort, thermal insulation and improved slip resistance. The amount of colours, textures and patterns we have on offer also gives specifiers plenty of scope within the design arena.

Both of these options require careful consideration when choosing the right office carpet, such as fibre type (woven, tufted, fibre bonded, fusion bonded and flocked), backing type, underlay or stuck direct, and permanent or easy release fix.

A large percentage of our business involves the installation of carpet. The advantages behind using a tile in lieu of a sheet material include: easier to load, quicker installation, easy replacement, easily adjustable to suit new layouts and high design capability.

In later years, advancements in commercial carpet manufacturing have allowed for varying sizes and shapes of tiles with plank or triangle versions and even hexagons adding to the vast design options available to help create positive interior spaces.