Commericial Resilient Flooring

We offer sturdy yet attractive commercial resilient flooring with a wide range of resilient floors to choose from to suit your needs.

Commercial resilient flooring typically suggests vinyl, linoleum, or rubber, but it really is a whole lot more. Sheet, tile, luxury tile, click, loose laid, interlocking, anti-static, studded, smooth, safety… the list of options in this ever-growing sector is increasing each year.

Because of the heavy-duty aspect of resilient floors, some would expect a lack of design, because of the functionality requirements of the product. This isn’t the case, however. A wide range of colours, finishes, and designs in the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) range give them the ability to replicate most ceramics, stones and woods cost effectively. Not to mention they’re nice and simple to install.

Great strides are being made in the installation of commercial resilient flooring. Loose lay sheet vinyls have been developed that allow them to go across existing floor coverings or over problematic substrates without having to rectify expensive, troublesome issues. Current Loose Lay LVTs allow the tiles to be laid directly over a raised access floor without requiring a plywood underlay.