Boralex, Edinburgh.

The project aimed to transform the 2nd floor offices on George Street into a contemporary and lively workspace nestled within the vibrant heart of the New Town.

  • Client: Space Solutions
  • End User: Boralex
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Year: 2023
  • Sector: Commercial Offices
  • Services: Uplift, Supply & Installation
  • Products Used: Interface Icebreaker carpet tiles 210m2 Interface Textured Woodgrains LVT 15m2

Central to the design scheme was the utilization of Interface Icebreaker carpet tiles, spanning across 210 square meters of the office space. This choice of flooring not only ensured durability and ease of maintenance but also provided a cohesive foundation for the overall aesthetic.

The strategic incorporation of colors and patterns within the carpet tiles helped delineate various functional zones within the office, contributing to an atmosphere that seamlessly balanced professionalism with creativity.

In addition to the carpet tiles, Interface Textured Woodgrains Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) were installed across 15 square meters of the office area. This choice added warmth and sophistication, offering a striking contrast to the carpeted sections while maintaining visual continuity throughout the space.

The use of LVT not only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal but also underscored the project’s commitment to utilizing high-quality, versatile materials.

The cohesive integration of these flooring products played a pivotal role in creating a dynamic and inviting workspace conducive to collaboration and productivity.

By blending functionality with aesthetics, the design successfully reinvigorated the office environment, fostering a sense of community and innovation among employees while simultaneously reflecting the ethos of the New Town’s modern landscape.