Our work

The Capitol (Aberdeen) & 110 George Street (Edinburgh)

  • Client: Knight Property Group
  • End User: The Capitol & 110 George Street
  • Location: Aberdeen & Edinburgh
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Commerical
  • Services: Contracting & Fit Out

Aberdeen-based property developers, Knight Property Group, recently sought the expertise of a seasoned flooring contractor for two high-profile projects located in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

After a comprehensive selection process, General and Technical were appointed to undertake the flooring works, successfully completing both projects within the stipulated timeframe and budget.

110 George Street, Edinburgh

110 George Street is a prominent listed building situated in the heart of Edinburgh. The project’s design was meticulously planned to align with the historical significance and architectural heritage of the building.

General and Technical were tasked with the installation of various flooring solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal while preserving the building’s historical integrity.

Product Used

  • Milliken Carpet Tiles: Renowned for their durability and design flexibility, Milliken carpet tiles provided a sophisticated flooring solution suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Newhey Custom Broadloom Carpet: The bespoke broadloom carpet from Newhey added a touch of elegance, complementing the historic character of the building.
  • Forbo Coral Brush Matting: This high-performance entrance flooring system was installed to effectively trap dirt and moisture, maintaining cleanliness and prolonging the lifespan of interior floor coverings.
  • Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Known for their stunning visual appeal and robustness, Karndean luxury vinyl tiles were selected to deliver a contemporary yet timeless finish.

The Capitol, Aberdeen

The Capitol is another iconic listed building in Aberdeen’s city center, formerly a cinema, bar, and nightclub. The development brief for this project emphasized retaining the historic façade and certain internal features while transforming the interior into a state-of-the-art office complex.

General and Technical’s scope of work included the installation of floor coverings throughout all communal areas, ensuring the new office spaces met modern standards of comfort and functionality.

Product Used

  • Forbo Surestep Mineral Safety Vinyl: Chosen for its slip resistance and ease of maintenance, Forbo Surestep Mineral safety vinyl was ideal for areas requiring additional safety measures.
  • Ege Highline Broadloom Carpet: Ege’s Highline collection was used to infuse the spaces with a sense of luxury and continuity, suitable for both modern and heritage interiors.
  • Ege Reform Legend Carpet Tiles: These high-quality carpet tiles from Ege provided a versatile and sustainable flooring solution, enhancing the overall interior design.
  • Nuway Tuftiguard Matting: Installed at entrances, Nuway Tuftiguard matting is known for its durability and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, protecting interior floorings from external debris.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Both projects presented unique challenges due to their busy city center locations and the necessity to preserve the buildings’ distinctive features. General and Technical adeptly navigated these challenges, coordinating closely with the property developers and other contractors to ensure smooth project execution.

The strategic use of loading schedules and careful planning minimized disruptions and facilitated timely delivery of materials. Additionally, the choice of high-quality, durable products ensured that the flooring installations not only met the aesthetic and functional requirements but also contributed to the buildings’ long-term preservation.


The successful completion of the flooring installations at 110 George Street and The Capitol showcases General and Technical’s commitment to excellence and their ability to handle complex projects involving historic buildings.

By leveraging top-tier products and meticulous planning, they delivered results that seamlessly blend historical charm with modern sophistication, enhancing the value and appeal of these prestigious properties.