Our work

Piper Sandler

  • Client: Space Solutions
  • End User: Piper Sandler
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Year: 2022
  • Sector: Energy
  • Services: Uplift & Disposal/Recycle, Preparation, Supply Install

Project Overview

Working with the Design and Build team at Space Solutions, this Aberdeen city centre project had a strong emphasis on design. The renovation included the removal of existing floor coverings, replaced with a selection of high-quality carpet tiles and vinyl tiles sourced from Milliken.

Our Approach

The overall design enhances the unique features of the building whilst referencing interior themes that reflect the goal of creating a relaxed working culture. The design approach included a unique element on each floor. The installation was oriented with materials running off at 90-degree angles. While this design concept posed a challenge for the installation team, the result was worth it, with a high-end seamless finish.

Community focus

In addition to the innovative design approach, the fit-out also had a strong focus on culture and wellbeing. Upstairs, the design was an oasis of calm with a more neutral palette, furnished with comfort and relaxation in mind. The Simmons Café on the first floor poses a fun and vibrant space with a bold urban-inspired design 

Unique social space

To further support the social spaces, they included a golf putting green in the canteen area. This addition is for both the golf enthusiasts and to create a social space adding a unique and enjoyable feature to the workspace (and a fun installation project for the team!)

Products used:

  • Milliken carpet tiles and vinyl tiles