• Client: Albyn Design & Build
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Date: February 2023
  • Sector: Retail
  • Services: Preparation Supply Installation
  • Products Used: Carpet Tiles Luxury Vinyl Tiles Barrier Matting
ASPC (Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre)

Project Overview

General & Technical Flooring was approached by Albyn Design & Build to undertake a comprehensive renovation of the former TSB Building on Holburn Junction for Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre (ASPC). The project aimed to upgrade the entire area to create a modern and welcoming environment for clients and staff alike.


  • Comprehensive Upgrade: The project required a substantial upgrade of the former TSB Building to meet the standards expected by ASPC.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Creating a visually stunning yet welcoming reception area was essential to make a positive first impression on visitors.
  • Functional Requirements: The chosen floor coverings needed to be durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for high-traffic areas.


  • We implemented a solution that combined floor coverings from Interface, Forbo and Bolon to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.
    Substantial preparation using latex screed and plywood was required to get the older floors up to a suitable standard for new floor coverings.
  • Three complementary colors of luxury vinyl tiles were chosen to create a visually appealing reception area. LVT offers the look of natural materials such as wood or stone while providing durability and ease of maintenance. The variation in colors added depth and visual interest to the space, contributing to its welcoming ambiance.
  • Bolon woven vinyl was integrated into the design to further enhance the reception area. Bolon’s unique woven patterns added texture and sophistication to the floor, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Interface Urban Retreat carpet tiles were strategically incorporated into the design to add warmth and comfort to specific areas of the space. The carpet tiles provided a soft underfoot feel while maintaining the durability and ease of maintenance necessary for a commercial environment. The selection of Interface Urban Retreat tiles complemented the overall design scheme, enhancing the inviting atmosphere of the area.


General & Technical’s team of skilled craftsmen ensured the precise installation of the chosen floor coverings, paying attention to every detail to achieve a flawless finish.
The integration of luxury vinyl tiles and Bolon woven vinyl resulted in a stunning reception area.

The combination of colours and textures created a welcoming atmosphere, making visitors feel at ease from the moment they entered the space. Additionally, the durability and ease of maintenance of the selected floor coverings ensured long-term satisfaction for ASPC, minimizing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Products Used:

  • Interface Level Set Natural Woodgrains 120m2
  • Interface Urban Retreat carpet tiles 90m2
  • Bolon Now/Truly woven vinyl 15m2
  • Polyflor Architex vinyl 20m2
  • Quantum ZR125R stair nosings 20m
  • Forbo Coral Brush barrier matting 15m2